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FXGuru Private Room Features
Compare "FXGuru Private Room" to other competition:
Complete portfolio management
>>>Not separated trade signals with unclear character.
Instant Trade Alerts
>>>Watch alerts and comments directly on the screen in real time.
Trading Session Alerts
>>>Notification about start and end of trading session. No more sleepless nights.
Real-Time Trades Log
>>>You can see track record of all trades in real time in the same platform.
User Settings
>>>Instant change and test of alert email as well as adding second one (good for mobile devices).
Intuitive User Interface
>>>Easy to use web-based user interface.
Market Thoughts And Analysis
>>>Separate market thought and analysis for different pairs.
Visual Indicators
>>>Easy to understand visual indicators about Sentiment, Volatility, Trend and Overheat of all 10 pairs.
Useful Tools
>>>Many additional tools like event calendar, news, quotes, charts and many other. Everything that trader needs for successful trading on one place.
FREE Software / No Download
>>>No need to buy expensive software, download and install on your computer. All you need is IE6 browser or later.
No Hidden Fees
>>>All-Inclusive Service - No Hidden Fees.
Easy Sign-up Process
>>>Your subscription will be activated the same day we receive your payment.

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